Photographer/ Art director/ Graphic designer

MgA. Mia Köhlerová

Mia is an artistic photographer, with a clear agenda: a confused mixture of instinctive shots, which always seem to capture the hidden archetipes of the subjects she chooses to immortalize, with touches of the antique, from dutch classical paintings to mythologies and tales of folklore.
She has created magical lands of childrens poetical fantasies, in which her ideals and dream like immaginations come to merge her subjects in a fantastical fairyland.
Beauty , magic and fantasy come to meet, instinctivly, forcelessly, painted with classical coulours, a guitarrist of classical spanish origins, jamming...

based in Prague (Czech Republic) and Vienna (Austria).




• Amadeus, Muzeum umění Olomouc - Poznámky o mizejícím světě/ selection of all projects - women, who run with         the wolves, ilui neshama, hane’ elam, and the ass saw the angel

• Galerie Zázvorka / Nové město nad metují - Muzeum Nového města nad Metují - women, who run with the wolves,       Ilui neshama, hane’ elam


• La Quatrième Image/ Paris, France - selection - Kintuskoroi, Women, who run with the wolves

• Cafe PERIFERIE/ gallery Prague - women who run with the wolves, ilui neshama




• DEBUT - Alaverdyan, Heres, Köhlerová, Šolc (Prague)


• MWW Muzeum Współczesne Wrocław – Fragile goods/ Exhibition of students The Opava School of Photography

• Unigeo art festival/ project: still life
• Klauzurní práce - Galerie Opera - ‘Fragile goods’ in Ostrava


• Unigeo art festival - project: Morgan Freeman

• Galery Konvent - Mikulov, Czech Republic - Hane’ elam

• Month of photography in Bratislava - Pisztoryho palác (OFF FESTIVAL)/ project: Ilui Neshama

• Galerie Opera, Divadlo Jiřího Myrona - Ostrava - project: Hane’ elam

• PRAGUE PHOTO - Kafkův dům - project: Women who run with the wolves


• PRAGUE PHOTO - Kafkův dům - project: Ilui neshama

• CRASHTEST/ 4 Bože, cože?! - Topičův salon - Prague - project: Ilui Neshama • Alex art gallery - Vernissage night -       Prague - project: Kintsukoroi


• PRAGUE PHOTO FESTIVAL 2015 - Kintsukoroi

• Month of photography in Bratislava - Pisztoryho palác (OFF FESTIVAL)/ project: Kintsukoroi

• Unigeo art festival - Ophelia/ project: performance


• A quarter of the century – GALERIE G4 – Cheb/ project: Ilui Neshama

• A quarter of the century – Galery of capital city of Prague, House of Photography


• European Month of Photography - TENDER – Young Czech, Slovak and Polish Photography
   - Université du Luxembourg/ project: Kintsukoroi

• Modular Photography Experience - FAMU - 3KOZY/ project: all projects

• Mladá česká fotografie/ Młoda czeska fotografia/ project: Kintsukoroi/ 27.9. – 30.10.2017/ Hornoslezské muzeum v Bytomi (Muzeum Górnośląskie w Bytomiu)

• Páté přes třicáté/ Fifth through thirties/ project: Kintsukoroi/ 7.10. – 7.11.2017/ galerie Patra/ Krymská 17, Prague

• Innere Gebiete/ Výstava ITF v Berlíně/ project: Ilui Neshama/  20. 10. 2017 – 23. 11. 2017/ Czech center in Berlin


• I AM WOMAN, Czech Contemporary Female Photography: project: Kintsukoroi/ 6. 3. – 12. 5. 2019/ Yekaterinburg, Russia