women who run with the wolves / ženy které běhaly s vlky

I was always fascinated by women as mythological entities. Especially the wild ones. Mythological tales where women come out as fairies and witches.
In this project there is a strive for non verbal communication with chosen girls, to capture something of their inner lives and to thus uncover the depths of female being. There is no interest in their concrete looks and character, but there is a search for their inner archetypes of mythological entities. Inspired mainly by the book Women who run with the wolves by Clarissa Pinkola, where it says that in every woman there is a strong power, fuelled by healthy instincts, passionate creativity, and a neverending search, also inspired by Josef Máchal, which treats the similarities of religious and mythological immaginations in pagan Slovans. In the project Women who run with the wolves there is an urge to capture this female power and this instictive qualities of women in a visual form, the archytype of the wild woman, looked for within the modern day women.