yemeni field / jemenské pole

An army. A camp base in the desert. A group of volun- teers within a group of men for whom several years long service is a duty, a civil duty and a duty of the soul. A young photographer from the heart of europe with no clue what to expect. Hoping to capture the twists of the soul that makes people from all over the world, who have no direct duty to these lands, end up in one of the most dangerous places on earth. The romanticism of the photos, with the ambuiguity of feelings that transpire through them, caused by coincidence and emotions of the people hereby immortalized. All the photos are taken in very special light, as a coincidence, since the photographer was only free of her army duties at night or before light breaks at dawn. Living the life as a volutieer soldier in the israeli army. Wondering, star roving, around and through the life stories of the amazing people that decided to join a far cause, for all the most different reasons immaginable, all but with single thing in common, a shining passion, a glow they all possesed. Life. As for he whom does not live with passion, is not thankful for the gift of life. 
A celebration of life, in the midsts of a place where life dies.
All the while,
running among base camp.